Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maxi dress

Something happy and flowery, to cheer me up when I feel lost inside my chaotic creative mind.

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you would read my two first posts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the go

Tooth ache tonight and then I woke up later than I wanted. Not much imagination for outfits, so I just put something on and off to the market!

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you would read my two first posts.

Monday, May 25, 2009

And still this weekend

This is was the other side of my weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

When magic meets your way

Last weekend, coming back from my solo performance, we found this wonderful spot along the line. Sometimes magicland is just around the corner.

A long rich weekend

A beautiful street show, from Producciones Javier Leoni together with Karlik Danza Teatro.

A band playing passing under my window.

It was a rich weekend. We had the cattle fair around here, and a lot of other things happened as well, as you can see above. We drunk, we ate, we talked, we laughed. It was nice. I was happily surprised by the theatre play mentioned above, as it was not announced and I know many of the people in there.

And I still found time to do some crafting and, obvioulsy, for my pictures.

Something comfy

It has been a long weekend, and it feels like we haven´t done anything but partying since thursday. Yesterday I decided to wear something comfy to visit the cattle fair and then follow on drinking beers and rum.

That top is from a catalonian make of clothes that has wonderful prints: La Isla. They are not exactely cheap, but my mum bought this one for me. A few weeks ago while I was walking around in Madrid I found a street shop selling clothes from La Isla, and I felt like bringing home half of them. Too bad I couldn´t...

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you would read my two first posts.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Nothing too exciting to start with. Very minimalistk, if one thinks in terms of composition. I do love this dress though. It is from Primark, but there is something delightfully retro about it. Primark was by far my favorite conventional shop in England. The only place I used to buy clothes apart from charity shops. (except for the ocasional treasure found in an organic clothes shop I used to know)

The shoes are from Hush Puppies. My mother buys shoes for me, but now I get to choose them. I am getting more and more feminine about shoes as years go by. But first rule for shoes, for me, is still confort. I can´t do non-comfy shoes.

The colour of the dress is teal, a shiny teal. I love it! What do you think?

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you read my two first posts.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It would be strange to talk about clothes and not mention my influencies and inspirations. Because every composition is influenced and inspired by something, wether the creator likes it or not.

First important thing is, I don´t really have an identifiable style or, I go in and out of every style I fancy - choose the one you find more apropriated. There are some styles that influence me more than others, that is pretty obvious. I will mention them in a moment. The other important thing is inspiration...and I am inspired basically by everything that catches my eye and my soul.

So...styles. The first of my loves in terms of style is Vintage. I love vintage since...well forever. I was interested in vintage clothes long before I was aware that word actually existed, long before I knew there was such thing as vintage clothing. Since I was a little girl I´d religiously collect every piece of clothing that had been in my family for long. Anything that smelled like past. I am attracted by old days. Say it clothes, environments, movies, music, pictures, has a hold on me. It catches my eye, it catches my soul, it makes me dream and wonder, it gives me a sort of non-logic nostalgia for something I never really lived.

On the other hand, I was always a thrifty buyer. I love the hunting. It probably came from my father, and assumed thrifty buyer and garbage never know the treasures people can throw away. My father wasn´t so much of a clothes searcher, his fields were more stamps, or anything he could find useful (and you´d be surprised by the things my father could find useful.....from graduated glasses sold at the market to metal searching machines, anything could be of some interest to him!) I do like objects and matherials in general (something I can work on, something that can become something else), but clothes were always at the top of my 10-most-wanted-items.

I can´t really explain the feeling of fiding a place where you find all the items in a pile or in some sort of strange order, and you can´t really imagine at the beginning what you will find in there at the end. It´s the hunt, and I guess to fully understand it, you must be a hunter yourself. It´s not the same as finding bargains at sales. That can be fun, but not half as fun. If you go to a known clothing store, you are aware of what you´re likely to find. There won´t be big surprises. A thrifty store, a market, a charity shop, a vintage shop or a second hand shop, are something completely diferent. There is always room for surprises. You know you´ll see hundreds of things that don´t really interest you that much, but there are treasures hidden. It´s the hunt, and once it starts few things can stop you. If you´re a hunter like myself, who likes bargain treasures, money is not often a problem. Sometimes, obviously, you´ll find a few items you´d love to have that are out of your price range. But most times it´s fiding treasures at ridiculously low prices that makes your day. And when I say low, in some cases I do mean low, as in I-couldn´t-buy-a-coke-for-that-amount-of-money low.

So...that´s how I get my stock of clothes....collecting long lost family pieces, hunting. Part of my stock is also provided by my mother, who is, in her own way, a clothing fanatic as well. For years, this resulted in a large wardrobe from which I would wear only half, as my mother is an elegant woman, but in a classic sort of way. She doesn´t risk and mantains her style for years and years. She dresses originally for her age, and in a way always did for her generation....but she is very plain. Elegant pratical clothes with a touch of originality, usually in form of a hat or a scarve. But that´s her. Plain colours, plain lines, comfy clothes. She is addicted to buying clothes for me, though. Even more as the years come buy and she stopped working and doens´t have that many social ocasions to attend. For years and years she would buy me clothes that were not exactely what I would dress. And to be very honest, by that time, I don´t think I was absolutely sure about what I would dress. On the last few years, she has been catching much more my sort of style, although with some allowable mistakes. My clothing transformation tecniques (the ones I intend to learn soon) may become handy to convert some of those clothes.

So vintage is definately my main style influence and inspiration. When it comes to defined styles, I also have a secret love for hippy clothing. Long skirts, jewellery, flowers....pretty much into it. But I guess hippy would classify as vintage as well, and when it comes to vintage I can go pretty much into most of the decades, excluding the eighties which honestely I find slightly....well....horrible. Most of it, anyway.

I also like the more ethic sort of orientacion, mixing influencies from other cultures. I am not likely to dress all in one style, except ocasionaly when it comes to vintage.

The truth is, I like so many things it´s hard to name them.
But in a general way I love colours. My two favorites since ever are dark purple and red, but then there are others, many others. The last few years I developed a love for teal. There is hardly a colour I don´t like at all. I have my days and I like to change. Sometimes orange is good fun too. Dry green, roasted yellow (yeah, I know there must be a better name for this), deep dark reds, all the variations of purple, teal, strong blues are probably the first ones calling for my attention. Strong greens, dark blue or pink are not amongst my favorites...which doesn´t mean they can´t be worn. Brown is good to combine with other colours.
I can´t even choose between dark or light colours, soft or strong. It depends on the day, it depends on the moments.

I have a weakness for vintage floral motifs. I like to combine different textures. I love applications, beautiful drawings, elegant shapes, odd shapes, old time shapes. I absolutely adore hats. I like scarves and accesories. I believe I´ve learned to like every type of accessory with time, until the point when there´s is hardly any type I wouldn´t wear at all.

As for inspirations, and those will be more important when I start making clothes myself, or modifying them more (I have a few embroyed items, for example, which counts as a modification for me) and as I said, I will use everything that catches my eye. Nature is probably one of my main ones....but isn´t it so for nearly everybody, when talking about colour and shape?

I guess from now on images will speak for themselves. Don´t get too excited tough. This is mainly my daily style...which means you shouldn´t expect to find cameleon David Bowie showing up in every post. It´s, as I said, living and experimenting. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes this will probably be just boring. I don´t know what will come up, but I am willing to find out.

I am guessing, by the road I am starting to go down, that this won´t be exactely only a diary of the clothes I wear. I will probably be also showing things that inspire me, my experiences in making pieces of clothing and the results from my hunting.

Summer aproaching

It is true. If you come from a warm climate, you will miss the warmth when it´s time for it. And I am sure I was born for hot summers.

I was born in Mozambique´s capital, Maputo, former Lourenzo Marques. It is Africa, it is hot and it is a coastal city. My parents are portuguese, so we went back to Lisbon when the colonies became independent, so I really only got to live in Mozambique the first 3 years of my life. But I am sure something become engraved in me, something to do with the heat, the sun on the dry skin, the long days, the waves of heat showing up in the horizon.

We then moved to Lisbon, not that hot during the summer, but still warm enough (which would be considered hot by lots of people) and still coastal. I do like a type of weather that has 4 seasons, and that´s how I spend most of my life. Four distinguished seasons.

When I lived in England, for nearly 3 years, I missed the heath, the sun burning on our skins. I missed the summer, a proper summer, a summer that changes you from inside out, that changes your skin, your nature, your rhythms. I loved England, but it was not the place for me to live permanentely. Something very essencial in me was missing all of the time.

I am a south person. I need that time of the year in which everything changes drastically, in which I need a minimum of clothes. I don´t even wish for freshness at night, I like warm nights, and I sleep perfectely well in the heathm thank you very much, as long as I don´t have any clothes on.

Last year we (my love and I) went to visit Almeria, shortly. For the ones who don´t know it, it is a coastal area of Spain caracterized by the fact that is has a desertic sort of environment. It is dry, hot and sunny....and I felt strangely at home. I can´t explain it. The dryness of my skin, the heath in the air, the smell, that sensation that the world is slowed down, that everything happens in a sort of maze...I love it.

The oposite thing happens to me when I go up north. I love the north of either Portugal and is probably the most stunning part of both countries. But for me, it is always a place to visit. I feel happy to be there, I feel alive, I love it. But I don´t feel as if I arrived home. Even when it´s hot, it´s not what I feel yellow hot, sandy hot. It´s, sometimes very hot, but not the same.

Now, in Extremadura, I feel the summer aproaching and I know that although I am far from the coast, and I am, in essence, a coastal person, I will still feel at home here. Not as much as if there was sea. But still somehow at home.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Clothery = diary of clothes, aka, my clothes, day by day. And who, in God´s name, would ever be interested in that? Don´t know, don´t care. I like the idea and it is pretty much what matters, since this is my personal cyber space. ha!

I like clothes. I like fabrics, textures, colours, shapes. I like to put 2 and 2 together and make one. I like the art of composing one´s look. My look in this case....but who else´s look would I compose anyway? I am ....well me.....and unless I turn into a fashion adviser (which I won´t, because I´m not sure I am that fond of fashion), I won´t have much chance of using anyone else as a guinea pig. And in the unlikely case I would have available guinea pigs...I would like to actually choose them,and you know how it goes with guinea pigs...the ones you choose are never the ones you have available.

Apart from that, and lets be honest here, I am the main character in my life and partially, I am as well its main artistic director. So, since I was brought into this world and I am a sucker for good old tales, quality cinema and novels beutifully written....I should try to make the best out of my main character. Right? Please understand that when I talk about charater, I don´t mean it in a hypocrit, self constructive, false sort of way. Actually, I didn´t write the lines for my own character, and I am not responsible por most of its story board. As an artistic director though, I do have a saying about her aesthetics and about the general way my character fits into this movie/novel ( changes...sometimes I am even in a cartoon).

Have you ever been young, very young, maybe a child, or maybe even you still feel it to this day, and felt a desire to be like a movie star? You look at Katherine Hepburn, or Audrey Hepburn (swear this was coincidence) or....lets say a more modern one...Isabelle Hupert (this was the most modern I could come up with? cheez, I must be becoming out of date pretty fast hahahaha), and you think to yourself: 'if only I had that elegance, if only my life was so exciting, if only I was that charming, if only I had a theme song running behind me, turning every moment of my life into something extremely poetic?'. And then you go on with your regular life and nothing looks that exciting? Well....I pretty much consider life full of hard bits as it is, and I decided that if I let the rest of my life become just 'normal' or 'regular' or even 'boring', that would make my life, in a general way, one that is pending to the low end of the hapiness scale. Which I don´t intend to let happen...

We are all characters. I am pretty sure someone is up there looking at us and having a good time. Or then again maybe not. Maybe nobody is up there watching us. Or maybe there is something, but the way or little lifes go is of little matter to that something. It doesn´t matter. WE are always following our own personal lifes. And how often it is that people end their own lifes without knowing themselves at all and without having a slighest idea of the greater picture? How often iis it that people come to the end of their lifes and think 'Where the heck did my life go? Where or how did I spend the last 30 years?? What did I do, who was I? And when did I become this person I don´t remember recognizing in the mirror?'

In a general way and in our sweet society, it is almost considered a crime to give too much attention to yourself. Sometimes we are even ashamed of being happy. It seems it needs a justification as in ' ok, I am happy now, but don´t forget everything I have been through before. See all the previous sacrifices in my life and you´ll understand that I do deserve this little drop of happiness now.' Sometimes it feels like we had to be sacrifing ourselves all of the time and that we are not supposed to praise ourselves, love ourselves, be proud of ourselves . A close friend commented very wisely that people are more likely to be by your side when you´re down then when you up. Meaning, if you´re sad, or going through a though moment, many people will give you a hand, support you, be by your side. But if you´re happy, very often you feel that some of the people you expected to be by your side, will actually be wondering why is it you that deserves all the happiness and not them. Have you ever wanted to share something good with someone, and instead of having the other person asking you 'really? that´s really good! and how will that be? how did that happen? how are you feeling about it? I am really happy for you' the only answer you get is 'oooh, I am really envious (in a joyfull sort of way) I want that to happen to me as well!'. Half of the time people may not mean something wrong. But if someone close doesn´t ask you anything else about what you are so excitedly telling them, and the only comment is 'I want that for myself as well' or 'why is it that those things never happen to me?', you can´t help feeling a little sad. That dangerously aproaches something called envy, and I think we´ve all (or nearly all) been there and done that, in both roles. But then, when finally something good happens to people, they feel they have to justify it to the world with all their previous misery. As if we have to prove we deserve to be happy.

I see it the other way around. I think we are responsable for being as happy as possible. I believe that if there is something superior to us all, and we were put in this life for a reason, then we are supposed to live it, and live it in the best way possible. And that means 1) Loving one´s self 2) Fighting for your happiness at every moment - if you're happy, you are more likely to make other people happy and to bring good things into this world. It is not a crime to suffer, to grieve, to feel, to cry. But when it is time to be happy- be happy. Don´t be normal - be happy, enjoy life, smell it breathe it, live it. It´s yours! 3) Taking part of life. Come down to earth and get your hand on the ground. Feel the pleasure, don´t deny it. Being imaculate will not take you to will only drive you away from the rest of humanity and make you more arrogant. And arrogance is no exactely charming...unless you know how to play with it very well. Feel, admit you feel, admit not all your feelings are noble. Nobody in this life does things only for their noble reasons. We are all selfish in a way, and that´s the way it goes. Half of our altruistic reasons, are only hiding our major fears and justifying them. Let loose, let go, come down to the ground and get dirty. Life will have a flavor then.

And if you´re wondering, yes, this is all, in some contorted way, related to the main theme in this blog: my passion for clothes AND dressing up (and down and sideways, I just like dressing!)
Clothes are considered shallow. Well I say, things are not shallow in itselves. It´s the way we aproach things that can be or not be shallow. Not liking what everybody else likes doesn´t make you more special or profound in itself. Because as far as I know, you could have choosen that in order to 'be different'. And that´s shallow. I think you get my point in need to go on. As I said at the beggining, clothes for me are pure composicion. The clothes and accessories in themselves AND the way they are put together in a person. Or, if you rather, in a wall, in a chair, in a graveyard or a daisy field. The way you compose with what you have in hands. And yes, for me you can use clothes to compose visual art (I know art is a very dodgy word in here, but I should warn you...I am not going into semantic or artistic discussions in here - my point here is.....well to make my point in an understandable way). This is one bit.

The other bit is that clothes are a statement. They always are, weather you care too much or too little about them. They may be more or less active, or more or less important in the way you express yourself wordlessly to the world, but they are, necessarily, part of that expression. A part that oyu choose actively. And if you choose to always be plain...then you are clearly making a choice. For years, I tried playing with clothes, but I knew it was something that was not harmonized in me, yet. I loved them, but I didn´t feel 100% confortable in them. It was like I was always either chasing something I couldn´t grab, showing off or hidding. I really couldn´t express myself through clothes. Until I started admiting I really love them and, most importantly, until I started feeling some love for myself as well, and allowed myself to ....put myself in the best way possible. Until I lost all the fears. Presentely, I am quite aware of the way I wear clothes most times. Meaning, I am aware that sometimes I am trying to say something through them. For example, everytime I am meeting people that belong to more convencional environments, I have the tendency to dress in a way that is not exactely shocking (not even close to that) but that says, in a way 'don´t expect convencionlism from me. I am NOT convencional, look at me, read that, and if you aproach me, you do it at your own risk. ' It more or less helps to keep some people and bay, and it saves me part of the effort of having to make myself clear. Usefull!

I had a lot of prejudices about clothes, although I never dressed exactely in the most conventional way. But I wouldn´t use certain things for a variety of reason. Nowadays I´ll wear everything I like as long as I like the combinations I am making. Final stop. And sometimes I will take care of what I dress, and other days I am just worried about getting ready quickly. But I don´t care that I care. And I don´t mind taking time. And I don´t mind taking records of my creations. Meaning, taking pictures, taking records of my character and the way the costume guys (aka me) decided to dress her up this time around. And this is where my blog is born! Clothery...a diary of the clothes I wear. Twenty years on, and I will find it fascinating to look at this pictures. I do like documenting my life. It´s my own personal way of not only being in love with the characters of my everytime movies and novels, but also in love with my character. Finally. After all this time. I wanna be aware of my character, the same way I am aware of the other characters around. Because I am aware of the other characters around. Who they are, they way they present themselves, they way they dress, they move, they talk. I observe and admire. Some of them are very close to my own character, some of them just by passers. I watch, think, admire, love, enjoy (or not hehe). But I am aware of them. And for some time now, I have been aware of myself as well. Which is a pretty good thing to do. end this already long introduction....there is something I want to add. Just in case someone feels like playing smart guy with me. Yes, I am making all this speech partially to prevent people from calling me narcisistic. And yes, it is still narcisism to upload pictures of myself. And yes, I am making the point of letting everybody know I really couldn´t care less. I like this. I like clothes, and pictures and myself. And it took me years to like myself and even more time to be able to say this out loud without criticizing me for being conceived. Thank God I am free now. I am finally free to consider myself in between the beautiful beings I enconter in my life. And just to make sure you are following me, I was not talking about movie stars in the last two paragraphs. Just in case you were wondering! I was talking about everyone who is part of my life, long time friends, short time (but long souled) friends, passers by, acquaintances, and so on....

Speech is over. Wellcome here if you like whatever you find in here. I am delighted to meet you, even more if you let me know you were here. I am not sure what will happen in here. I have been conciously paying more attention to my passion for clothes. I am learning how to transform them and even to make them, as well. So really, anything could happen. This is pure experimentation, like everything else in my life. First and main rule, is to have fun with it.

So let the party begin!!!!!