Friday, May 22, 2009


Nothing too exciting to start with. Very minimalistk, if one thinks in terms of composition. I do love this dress though. It is from Primark, but there is something delightfully retro about it. Primark was by far my favorite conventional shop in England. The only place I used to buy clothes apart from charity shops. (except for the ocasional treasure found in an organic clothes shop I used to know)

The shoes are from Hush Puppies. My mother buys shoes for me, but now I get to choose them. I am getting more and more feminine about shoes as years go by. But first rule for shoes, for me, is still confort. I can´t do non-comfy shoes.

The colour of the dress is teal, a shiny teal. I love it! What do you think?

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you read my two first posts.


  1. Primark sometimes has a few things that are okay, mostly accessories. I tend to find that their clothes are poorly made though.

    In answer to your question, I live in London! x

  2. Um, me. I like that dress.

    But I am someone who could manage to make even the most designer clothes look rather awful, no matter how hard i try. Vintage stuff makes me look tragic, or deranged.

    i just ordered some things from London. they are so beautiful I can't bring myself to ruin it by actually putting them on.