Monday, January 30, 2012

Poetic Mondays - haikus

''It's my snow''
I think
And the weight on my hat lightens.

Takarai Kikaku (1661-1707)

A single river streching far
Across the moorland swathed in snow.

Nozawa Boncho (d. 1714)

         A gust of wind,
And the waterbirds
         Become white.

Yosa Buson (1716-1783)

Weekend traveling:Black Mountains

Yesterday, we went to search for a few more items for my vintage shop in a car boot sale and then, after a light lunch, we headed to the Black Mountains. There is certainly something magical about that place, with those naked green hills and those miniature poneys. Because I have been lately too tired for words, I will leave you with the pictures. The first one was taken when too of the poneys that live there decided they should be invited to share our custard creams and put their noses right inside our car. Our dog wasn't too happy about it. If you look close, you can see on the first picture, on the right, there is a sort of grey fur. That's a second very very little adult poney. You can see how small they are in that picture that shows a family going up the hill escorted by our friends.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage wednesdays - ebay findings

Because my camera keeps playing up, I will leave you today with a few gorgeous vintage dresses I found browsing on ebay this morning. Bare in mind that when you see these their biding time might have ended. No harm in checking though. I just found these randomly, but they are so beatiful I think they are worth sharing:





Do you have a favorite?

Happy wednesday everybody!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Poetic Mondays - the poetry in a cloudless day

Out we went and early it was, and above us, the sky, cloudless and still, like it doesn't often dare to be in these islands. And under the blue sky, the white light and the crispy air we walked, fragments of memories rushing in and out of my mind. Because in days like these I go through all my ages and all seasons of the year, chaotically, aleatorily. For all that it takes is a small drop of past, a single pearl of by gones, for our present to feel more present than ever, more vivid, more ours, more worth while.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Oh dear oh dear.....Thursday post is coming on friday isn't it? Gotta get this right! I swear I try but is hard! Anyway, we're already in the early minutes of friday and I don't expect to be online for long, so I better get on with today's (or should I say yesterday's) post.

This is NOT a technical post on co-sleeping. I won't talk about safety tips about co-sleeping nor will I advocate it or advise against it. i do it with my 7 month old. Have been doing it ever since she was about 4 months. Before that I would do it for half of the night. If you do want to co-sleep please find a good article about the rules for doing it safely.  It is good to do things in an informed way. And co-sleeping without taking notice of safet rules can indeed be dangerous.

What I want to share with you is my experience of it. I started doing it out of convenience. My baby always woke up too many times during the night and I cope very badly with lack of sleep. If you breasfeed, co-sleeping can make your night a lot more comfortable and garantee you some good rest. At least it did for me. What I didn't know was how co-sleep was going to feel. Can you imagine how good it feels to share your sleep with your baby, feel her next to you all through the night. From the beggining it made me feel so much more in touch with my deep instincts. I feel like the female wolf who has her children safely close to her body during the night. Everything seems so natural and instinctive. It feels right and it feels incredibly good. It's amazing how when she falls asleep on my chest (which she will some times, if I am trying to sooth her to go back to sleep) I won't move even when I am supposed to be deeply asleep. The position in which I fall asleep, is the same I have when I wake up.

The other night she had a cold. She wouldn't settle anywhere, not even on the bed, right beside me, as always. So she spend a good part of the night sleeping on me, literally, like a puppy would sleep on their mother. And waking up with that fragile little thing sleeping confidently on my tummy or on my chest is being one with the nature, is being one with the universe.

But in general, she sleeps right beside me. When she wakes up, even if not properly, she will turn to my side and stretch her little arms and hands looking out for me. On the nights when she doesn't wake up so often, I wake up naturally and check on her. After all these months I still check on her breathing. I wonder when I'll stop doing that. Will she be nineteen and I will snick into her room and check to see it she's breathing? Strange thing being a mum. Strange and marvelous thing. I know deep down she is safe. She is healthy and she will grow up to be a confident happy child. But still, we mums always worry, always.

Co-sleeping made our bonding even stronger. I remember when she was very very little and my mum was staying with us for a couple of weeks, I would leave her with my mum while I napped for half an hour in the afternoon. And I used to miss her. I swear I did. It didn't feel right to leave her there. Ok, it is my mum, and I wanted her to have the chance to bound with her as well, but still, it feels right when nowadays, if I need a nap, we both lay down together for a nap. I mean, this sort of closeness, this sort of bounding that makes your baby almost a part, an extension of yourself, won't last for long. Soon she'll need more independence, and eventually she will go and live her own life. But these first months, these very first years, are ours. Of course, I include my hubby as well. Although I know and he knows the sort of bonding I experience is very different from the one he experiences. I can easily dedicate 24h of my days to her. Even when I am doing something else, she comes first. And when I sleep, her presence is there, right there by my side. I hear her breathing as I fall asleep.

People say if we start co-sleeping we'll never get them out of our beds. Which is probably why there are so many teenagers still sleeping with their parents,right?? I know, she'll probably want to stay in our bed for a while now. And do I mind? Of course not. It's a wonderful experience. I wish there were words for it, because if they existed, then this would be the most poetic post ever. But words are no enough to describe it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


....yes...I do know that when one says one's gonna post on wednesdays...they usually refer to the beggining of the day....not nearly thursday. But being a mum has these things and the truth is I couldn't find the time to post earlier. We woke up late to start with, I walked into the village to browse a couple of charity shops whose browsing I had left unfinished yesterday, rushed back, cooked lunch, walked dog, sat down for a moment at the computer, but little Missy was unsettled, therefore ended up having a nap on me. Long story short, when I saw the time it was already time for bath, dinner and Miss Lilliputian Empress' bath. It's amazing how days go by....I haven't even washed up after dinner and we missed Parents and Toddles this morning....

Even now I am sitting in bed, next to the little one, hoping she won't wake up when I stant up to take some pictures for todays' post and wash my teeth. I wonder what I do wrong...I probably iddle way too much, it must be it. Because I honestly don't know what I do with my time.

I am happy though, because I really felt like buying something for myself and have found a good number of nice bargains, which I hope to post on here today. I also found some vintage items elsewhere, so I am continuing my collection for my soon-to-be-opened online vintage shop.

The other good thing is that we (out little Empress, her father - aka my hubby, and me...oh, and Chacal, the dog) saw a beautiful sunset and we lingered on by the estuary, in spite of the(not too strong wind), in order to see it until the end. It is such a wonderful sensation to watch the sunset in a winter afternoon and know that there is a warm and cozy home waiting for you.

My camera is playing up with me big time, and I am starting to convince myself it is time to spend a small fortune on a REAL camera....

Pictures will be close to terrible on this post, because I have to take what my camera generously decides to give me and I also don't have a lot of time for beg your pardon for that. I really hate posting lousy pictures...

The pictures don't do justice to this skirt, but it is a gypsy/hippie style skirt, just how I like it. The colour is brighter, but as I said, pictures are not coming out all right today. I still have to fix it though, because it is way too big for me (it's a size 14, so a couple of sizes bigger)

I am usually not a rose girl, though nobody could say so from today's post. I will buy rose if I see something I like very this case not only I liked this pieces very much, they were all 1 pound each...impossible to say no! The top was originally 4 pounds, and when I saw it I thought ''naaaah, way too expensive''. Yesterday there it was, on the 1 pound rail!!


Oh yes, I do realize that there is a flag in that t-shirt. Well....actually I do now. When I bought it it was only a nice t-shirt with many butterflies and some daysies. Then when I looked at it at home, there it was, the flag. I am NOT a flag girl, believe me. But here we are, the t-shirt has a flag on it, there's no way around it. I am not even much of a t-shirt girl, but this one was snug and had very short sleeves. And the printing had butterflies on it (ok, and a flag, I can now see....) I might transform it a little bit in order to make the flag less apparent. Sorry, I just feel strange carrying a flag on my chest, no matter what country it is from....

Anyone got any good bargains lately you would like to share?

Monday, January 09, 2012

Poetic Mondays - loving the seaside (Much love mondays)

The sea - huge, unmeasurable, vast -  there it was in all its greyness. The winds, being kind for once, allowed us to walk in bare hearts across the pebbles, and on we went, step by step, attracted by the liquid grey, the immense liquid grey whose end we could not see, whose raising tide we jonkingly feared. There we were, connecting the circles of time, parents, child, dog. I went back many years and visioned myself, grey trousers, long wavy hair, inocent expression in my 9 year old face, holding my puppy, sitting on the rocks, looking at the sea, laughing like we only laugh when the duende that lives in our hearts is still reacheable. Jumping back in time I held my present very dearly, taking it all in, my love, our love, the unexplainable feeling of holding a baby, the sea, the skies, the smells, the sounds. I held my present very dearly and touched eternity very lightly. 

.....loving to live by the seaside again.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Weekend Travelling: Monsanto, last year.

Yesterday, we went to the beach and it was a great afternoon to do so. As it doesn't seem to be so common around South Wales, it was neither very windy or very cold. Which meant that having a walk on the beach was actually most enjoyable. We went to the mumbles, and I would gladly share some pictures of that, if my camera hadn't most uncooperative, as it has been lately (apparently her- yes, my camera is a lady,  batteries are full but then she refuses to work clamming are batteries are empty....most annoying). While walking around with my partner and my dog, carrying my baby girl on a wrap and feeling happy I remember a trip we did last year, when I was in my early pregnancy, in which I started to imagine already how we would be making all sorts of travelling with our baby when she/he (we didn't know by then) was born. That too, was a very special weekend travel, which I am about to share with you.

The place we went is called Monsanto, it is in Portugal, not very far away from the Spanish border (we were living in Spain by then). It is a small village with stone houses, some of them built in a way that they seem to melt with the rocks. Pictures will show it a lot better than my words.

Probably due to its rustic look and the feel that one have gone back in time once entering Monsanto, Spaniards call it ''the most Portuguese village of Portugal''. Portuguese people always wonder at this designation, but I can understand where they are coming from. The village is built on the top of a rocky hill, which only adds charm to it.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Weekly themed posts

Lying in bed the other day, my baby already fast asleep, orange lamp light through the bedroom window (gotta love the windows in this house) I started to wonder what I have to say right now, which are the things that are important to me to talk about, and how to make a weekly habit out of it. This is still a 'test-drive', but this is what I came out with for now:

Poetic Mondays - Not that I write poetry, but I do like to write poetical short texts, which help me keep my eyes on the beauty of life. I also like to think I do the same through photography and photo editing. But in here fits anything that is poetic to me, may it be my texts, my pictures, situations, videos, a music, a quote.

Thrifty/vintage Wednesdays - The name says it all. Thrifty findings, old and new, and anything vintage comes in here. 

Thursday motherhood ramblings - So many discovers, so many questions, so many wonders, this will be my place to talk about my experiences, to share related articles or videos. I must warn you, this will be a sort of alternative motherhood, though ;)

Weekend travellings - all travels big and small. Maybe I just went around the corner and found something I would like to share. Maybe I went on hoiliday three years ago and found some pictures I would also like to share with you. Or maybe I found something very interesting about travelling. Who knows what will come out...

This it is for now folks! My style posts will come anywhere in between with no fixed day for them. I may double post some days. 

Bare in mind this will be my particular vision over things. Bare also in mind english is not my native language, so forgive me for any misspelling.

And as the week ends, and we haven't done anything outside the comfort of our house rather than walking the dog, Miss Lilliputian Empress (yeah, that's my baby) and I will get dress and go for a little charity shop browsing baring in mind our future internet shop.

Doing anything special this weekend?