Monday, March 02, 2009

My little place in the british countryside

There is a quote by a portuguese poet that says something like ´first you find it odd, then it penetrates you'. This is probably one of the worst translations ever made. The original expression refers to something that you find hard to adjust to at the beggining, but that afterwards you somehow learn to find familiar. Something that is external to you but that somehow it becomes part of you with time.

That was more or less how the english country was for me. Only that I didn´t really find it odd at the beggining, when I first got it touch with it 3,5 years ago. I loved it at first, then I got bored with it, then I think I just got used to it. And now, that I just had the opportunity to go back there, after an 8 months absence, it was like being back home in a way.

Everything was familiar and sweet. Even the dump weather seemed right. As I was being driven through east anglia´s country roads, green fields and brick houses passing by me, pheasants standing in the middle of your route, clouds over our heads and that familiar feeling of fresh air and humidity I knew there would always be a place for it in my heart. I knew I had grown to love it and cherish it. The people as well, make me smile. The expressions, the accents, their whole way of being. In a strange sort of way, I fit in, there is a place for me in there. I feel welcome in there, as much as the whole thing is more than welcome in my heart.

And then there are these dearest friends:

................just how beautiful are they???

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