Monday, June 15, 2009

Hair experiences

So this is the story. Yesterday I decided to have some fun with my hair, and make some defined curls. I took the idea from a blog, but I can´t find the link right now. I will post it when I find it though.

When I was in the middle of the process somebody called us to go out for some beers. So I wrappped a scarf around my head and off I went. I really liked the scarf in your hair thing, and I think I´ll do it again!

Anyway, this was last night:

And this is the result, this morning:

I like the result. My hair is not short enough to look vintage with these curls, but still there is something romantic about this curls that I like. I think I will make them for the next (and thankfully last) wedding of the year. I am not a girl to like weddings, but when you can´t beat the enemy, you better take advantage of it, so I use them (weddings) to have fun dressing out, in a not exactely wedding-like way.

I wish you all a great start of the week!

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you would read my two first posts.


  1. wow that's really curly!!! whenever i curl my hair it just goes into loose waves because my hair is too straight!

  2. dude!! THAT is awesome! if i could get results like that man! so so pretty!

  3. Your curls turned out breath-takingly gorgeous! Amazing definition and luster to those beautiful spirals! I can only dream of my (bone straight, super fine) hair looking one tenth that lovely when curled.

    Thank you very much for your terrific comment on my blog (Chronically Vintage), I hope you have a splendid day!
    ♥ Jessica