Thursday, March 25, 2010

No, I haven´t died of flu.....and I intended to post earlier, but life just got in the way. Also my camera decided it wouldn´t let me pass the photos to my computer, so we have ordered a card reader on ebay and also another camera (ours needed an improvement...hopefully I will be able to take better pictures from now on!)
I had a friend visiting, which meant less internet time, as we had a lot to catch up. Also, I will be having my dance solo tomorrow evening, so I have been busy rehearsing. I am quite looking foward to it!

I think I found a couple of shops to sell my felt things...I just need to do more felting!! After the solo I will pick up the 2 kg of wool rovings I have ordered and after that it will be felting, felting, felting!!! I have also started needle felting and I am loving it!! As soon as I am able to, I will post pictures of my little wool statues!!

I really don´t like to make posts with no pictures, but I expect to have my new matherial in less than a week!

Wishing everybody a wonderful start of spring!

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you would read my two first posts.

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  1. I wish you all the best for your solo dancing..! It sounds exciting....I hope you will show pics ! :-)