Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hi world! Spring seems to be here to stay anb I have a new camera!

I had a wonderful time painting. Will show my first paitings ever in a next post.
I am now back to felting full force. First stage was to draw some inspirational images, which you can see in this post.

My dance solo presentation went really well and I might be starting my dance improvisantion classses next week, if I can gather all my students!

I have also be introduced to chi kung this week and I loved it! (for the ones who don´t know it chi kung is a chinese technique envolving breathing and smooth movements and it´s believed to have a lot of benefits). We did it on the grass, surrounded by tiny flowers and birds flying!

By the end of the week we will be travelling some miles up north to see the blossoming cherry trees. I can´t wait for that as well!

Wishing everybody a cheery start of spring, this time I will hopefully be back soon!

:) wellcome to my room of wonders. If you´re new here, I would appreciate you would read my two first posts.

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