Saturday, May 15, 2010

Computer problems and other distractions computer suffered a little accident, which led to me being without computer and internet for a while. What accident, you may sliped from my hands into the hard floor breaking its hard drive....not good, but it´s sorted now!

In the meanwhile I have some news first of all is: we have a DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful and I will post pictures of him very soon!

Also I have been entretained with some free workshops and other events around here, which included: martial arts workshop, urban art workshop, stage ilumination workshop, world music festival, butoh street performances (to watch, not to perform myself...I wished!), changing house decoration trying to attend to feng shui rules, musical evenings, beers and dinners with friends and so on...

I have started teaching my improvisation dance classes, which is being good, though I have a veyr small group. Also, next tuesday I will have 3 people as my first portuguese language students ever (portuguese is my mother language). Other than that I am seriously thinking about trying to expose my felt ''paintings'' (which I still need to post in here....). I have also written a project to teach creative dance in schools and will also propose felt classes somewhere around here.....

Another good thing is that a group of people around here will start to meet up twice a week in order to do some chi kung.

I am trying to organize my life, as next year I want to start having drawing classes.

Life is uncertain and we (me and my boyfriend) are still jobless is good as well....and I am sure something will come up soon!

Love to all.....will post soon WITH pictures!

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