Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10/12/2010 Plans for the weekend: end tourism assignement, so that I can feel free, go to the cinema or to a show, try Caceres' Wok restaurant, write, take some pictures, be attentive to beautiful details, a little felting, a little cooking, meet a dear friend if possible, dream, plan portuguese classes, breathe, be happy.


Misty day out, bright day in, after time shared with two of the most wonderful people in my world, yesterday night.


Golden leaves hang from the trees, warmer temperatures come over for a short while. We breathe in watching the blue sky. I dream of colours, lights and textures, make short term plans in my head, start to salute the renewed freedom. There is beauty in most things, therefore I must be lucky.


Waking up to another misty day. I practice streching the minutes, making them long lasting, being in the present. This sense of freedom opens my senses, brings in fresh air, pulls me back down to earth, to the realm of sensations. Freshness is all around.

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