Friday, March 23, 2012

Memories from the 70's

When I was little there were these two posters in the wall of my parents' bedroom. They were both very tipically 70's, and I absolutely adored them. Looking back now, they were definately a bit cheesy. Ok...maybe a LOT cheese. Which is probably why one can't find many of those posters around anymore. Still, I cherish the memory of them and would love to find some similar ones. Actually, one of them is still pretty much 'findable' It was a black and white pop art sort of image of a woman. The other one was  a romantic sort of picture of a woman with I believe it was some roses on it, all in red and rose tones. Yes, red AND rose all together AND some roses as well....I bet you're all nearly puking now!

This picture edition is a sort of tribute to those two posters, a mixture of them both, or rather the little I can remember of them, as they were thrown away years ago. After much experimenting, I was happy with this last result. It brings back loads of memories.

There was also another poster on the living room (which is where I used to sleep). It was one of those very typical pictures of a road with autumn trees on either sides of it. I absolutely loved that one as well. I can't really remember if there was a bicycle on it or if I just kept imagining myself going down that road on a bicycle.

I can remember those 3 posters from such a young age, 4 or 5 years old I believe. Looking back now, that's probably where it all started: my love for photography and the capacity it has to transport us somewhere else instantly. My love for strong colours. The urge to explore, to go beyond everyday world. Those posters belong to my childhood world. A world full of colours, of secret wandering through woods that existed only in my mind, a world in which Tarzan lived in my attic and I lived in a boarding school just as Enid's Blyton's girls. A world full of books, images and beautiful illustrations. A world full of dreams and imaginary friends.

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