Sunday, November 03, 2013

Wanderings of the mind

And sometimes you think you might be ready to rebuild something, you may miss things, people or places that once made sense. But then you might think might think twice and realize that for those things to make sense again a whole world would have to change. And it hasn't changed....not inside you and certainly not outside you.

And there is sadness sometimes, but one must know what ones misses and how things looking back or looking forward may seem more promissing then they actually can be.

So it's back to the basis I guess....those who whish to be here are here, now and always, in a particulary special place. Those who rejected that place therefore don't belong here.

And here I am again, changing seasons, letting life flow, opening my arms to new knowledge. And the essential hasn't changed: the ones I love, strong and reliable relationshisps, the nature, the seasons, wandering, learning, creating, loving, living.

Trying to be better.

Trying to keep the feelings in my heart pure.

....but being truthful, aknowledging we are not always noble or good. Knowing we all do what we can.

The big secret....I will admit my mistakes to all who will admit theirs....but those are rare creatures, and when you find them there is no need to admit mistakes. Something always speaks louder.

Life is a blessing. Thank you.

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