Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The brighter side

Although I am not exactely in the mood, I will write about the things which I most love about people. The reason I am not exactely in the mood has actually nothing to do with anyone but me (so that you don´t think I am a witch that does nothing but to be annoyed by others) I´ve got this wheezing sound when I am breathing in that is having me worried. Partially because I am a bit hypochondriac (probably not spelled this way) about unusual symptoms and partially because they say on the net that I should be worried :P

Never mind that for now, as I have no way to solve it.

Here they go, things I love about people:

1) People who are themselves, who don´t worry about causing an impression or being cool. (this has ramifications, as you will see)

2) Ramification 1 - People who assume things that are usually seen as 'uncool' and really don´t bother about that. Stupid example: I was asking this really nice guy 'which sort of music do you like' and he answered 'know what? I really don´t listen to music a lot. I used to when I was a teenager, but you know, mostly comercial, like Queen, etc' It might sound silly and obvious but it is not. Lots of people would just make something up.

3) Ramification 2 - people who assume their downfalls (although this is a tricky one, some downfalls can actually cause an impression). Even the downfalls they really wished they didn´t have. Like: 'not all my feelings are noble.'

4) People who have no age. We all have age, obviously, but some people, even being perfectely aware of theirs, just don´t have it as a justification or limitation for anything (it doesn´t equal to be imature lol)

5) People who actually are interested in other. Who listen, who want to know others deeper.

6) People who see behind the masks, behind appearances. People who are not foolled by shallow images.

7) People who are able to play.

8) People who are able to put things in perspective and not overdramatize situations.

9) People who are not afraid of being afraid and are not afraid to show they are afraid.

10) People who are open to their matter how strong OR WEAK they are. Meaning...for some people it´s easier to enfactuate feelings, for others to reduce them. Some people are afraidof feeling too much, others too little. I love it when people just FEEL. Final stop.

11) People who can put themselves in others place and respect their choices, efforts, etc..

12) People who don´t need to compare themselve to others to feel they are good enough. (rare, for most of us poor mortals, but some people get really close to this)

13) People who dare trusting. Really hard to do, really hard to find, but how beautiful is it when somebody just trusted you for apparentely no reason.

14) People who dare making mistakes, who dare being absolutely unperfect. Again, beautiful. They are the ones who always learn the most.

15) People who tell you what they think on your face (it doesn´t equal to being insensitive). Sometimes not very pleasant, but least you´ll know where you´re stepping.

16) People who have a sense of humour towards themselves, even when the situations truly suck.

17) People who never feel they know enough.

18) People who are creative.

19) People who have a personal style. Not fashionable, not trying to look different, not trying to look cool. People who just have it. It doesn´t mean they are not aware of that, or that it isn´t something built- of course it is. I can´t explain it, but some people just make it an art. It´s just how they are.

20) People who have small attentions to you.

21) People who share with you the good and the bad.

22) People who are willing to support you when you´re down, but also to share your victories.

23) People who can read between the lines.

24) People who love to discuss feelings for hours no end.

25) People who believe in the invisible.

26) People who feel the urge to create, as something natural.

27) People who live and let live.

28) People who think beyond day to day life.

29) People who know anything is possible.

30) People who are still in touch with their inner child. (again, it doesn´t equal imaturity)

31) People who are willing to listen to what life has to say to them.

32) People who are passionate about something.

33) Warm people.

34) People who try to understand before making any judgments.

35) Tactful people.

36) Sensitive people (don´t, it doesn´t necessarily mean having to have a physical reaction towards anything that is supposed to cause an impact).

37) People with a sense of humour.

38) People who half live in wonderland.

39) People who know their limits. (many ways to interpret this, but I just mean....we all have limits....)

40) People who recognize their dark side.

41) People who can recognize and aknowledge the dark side in others.

42) People who recognize, aknowledge and admire the dark side in others, without pointless fascinations.

43) People who allow themselves to be fascinated by other people, without necessarily wanting to become like them.

44) People who are beautiful (nope, not magazine cover beauty :P ) .

Woooo.....I am glad my creativity is still more stimulated by positive things than by negative ones. I could actually go on and on, but honestely, I am a bit tired alrealy LOL. Having said all this, I do love people, and there is a lot more I love about people than what has been mentioned.

Other things I should say:
1) every rule as one or more exceptions.
2) Mentioning these things doesn´t mean:
a) that I don´t love someone because the don´t tick the boxes.
b) I am conviced I fullfil most of what´s been said. I don´t. I wished, but I don´t. But those are things I love and admire. Also, I am not saying none of it applies to my person. Some does.

Following: things I hate about myself, things I love about myself (maybe like will allow me to have a bigger list), and just things I love, in general.

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