Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ok, this will be a totally sensless post, but I really need to ramble. Just have into account I am in one of those days of the month. And that we all have our small annoyances. Right?Hope so, otherwise I will feel quite the freak.

Anyway, this is a post about what I hate in people. That´s not a very nice thing to write about?! Well...you don´t really HAVE to read it, DO YOU???? (ok, jocking, I swear, just kidding now)

Sometimes it´s good to let some things out, that way you vent them and you may be able to think more clearly afterwards (and hopefully this is not just wishfull thought)

So, things I hate about people:

1) When people who are supposed to be are only your friends under certain conditions. And I don´t mean it on extreme conditions. I mean when people always impose a series of conditions, as if they wished to control the exact distance between you and them, as if they didn´t trust you in some sort of distorted way.

2) People who are under or over reactive to things. Do you know those people who always react as if nothing in the world excited them? They annoy me. Final stop. But do you know the ones who always find everything OH SO AMANZINGLY FANTASTIC? Well...they annoy me as well. As in: a lot!

3) People who can only talk through sentencies and ideas that were made and written by others. Who don´t really talk, just quote.

4) People who avoid you not to say something nasty they are feeling about you. Oh for God sake, just shout it out!!

5) People who always like what you like, even if they had never heard of it 10 mn before you had mentioned it. Why don´t they just get a personality of their own?

6)People who always have to blame the bad happenings on something or someone. If it´s not the person next to them, is their boss, if it´s not their boss, it´s the neighbors, if it´s not the neighbors it´s the government, if it´s not the governement it´s global warming....... Get over it, life sometimes it´s just not fair. I am so sorry, there is no one to direct you anger to!

7) People who always have to have an opinion about something (even if they don´t really have any knowledge on the subject) because they think it makes them sound cool.

8) People who always have to excuse their downfalls 'I´d dance better, if my foot wasn´t hurting', etc... Yeahh, we´re not perfect. Duh

Ok, I do hope this post doesn´t give me bad karma. I will write one tomorrow about the things I absolutely love about people :)

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