Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A body of butterflies

-The problem is....well...the butterflies, you see?
-Butterflies? - she asked.
-Yes, in my stomach

-Why don´t you let them out?
-Excuse me?
-Yes, the butterflies. Why don´t you let them out?
-I tried to. They seem to like it in here, though.

-What about flowers?
-If you surround yourself with flowers, maybe the butterflies will want to be around you, instead of inside you........... Just don´t eat them!
-The flowers.

-If you grow flowers in your stomach, the butterflies will never leave it.
-I don´t think one could, anyway.
-So...where could one grow flowers?
-Inside one´s body, you mean?
He paused and said: - Inside their veins, I suppose.

-Probably also in their hearts, I should think.
-And....would it be really terrible to have butterflies in your heart?
-I don´t think so. Actually...that could even be enjoyable!

-So, what´s the plan then?
-First you have to grow flowers all around you. Then, wait for some seeds to fall into your veins. When there are enough flowers in either your veins and your heart, the butterflies will leave your stomach.

Mara C.

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