Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rainny, rainny day....

Again, I let time slip by before I manage to post again. I have decided though, to compromise myself to do at least one post a week. It is perfectely doable, as long as I organize myself!

After a period of almost getting desperate due to the fact that I don´t seem to find a professional path through which I am able to express my creativity (or a professional path at all, as Spain has been having high levels of unemployment for the last year) I decided I would stop feeling sorry for myself and actually fight for things. At the moment we (my love and I) are not in the situation of having to panic about money. We still have some money saved, and though it won´t last forever, we know we can manage for some time. Why not use that time to actually invest energies on my dream, that is to sell handmade by me? So, that´s what´s been taking most of my time lately. I´ve been felting and dyeing and sewing, and some pleasent results are starting to come out from the effort :)

Also, I have started a choregraphic residency for a dance solo choreographed and performed by me :) It will last this week only, but presentation will only be in March, so I am not overworried.

Other then that, we went to Madrid last weekend, which was lovely. I have bought the loveliest dress, reduced from 75 € to 6€ (yes, you read it right), in teal silk, which I am dying to show you all, but I need to have the courage to dress it and take a picture in it (is not exactely a winter outfit, and temperatures around the house are about 10 degrees celsius)

We´ve been having a hard winter, but thankfull not as drastic as it seems to be in other points of the planet. Still, I long for central heating.....the chill burns in my fingers and toes are starting to be very annoying!

I wish you all a wonderful week. Let us all try to use our romanticism to help us survive through the winter. I am lucky this part of the world, spring should be just around the corner (give it a month or two...)

:) wellcome to my room of wonders.

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  1. good luck with everything, dear! I hope your economic situation sorts itself out!