Thursday, January 05, 2012

Through the seasons

I managed to change the look of the blog (as you probably can see) and also to merge two blogs into one. I have also made some decisions regarding my weekly themed posts, but will talk about those further on.

Getting up this morning I realized once  more how much of a summer girl I am. Although I love the beauty of winter time, I have a lot more energy during the summer and am definately a lot more inspired to get dressed beautifully. Winter makes me want to hang around in my pajamas and curl up cozily in the sofa with a hot cup of tea (as if that was possible with a nearly 7 month old around ahahaha)

Anyway, as we are now living in a house with central heating, it is not quite so bad, and I did make an effort to have a spark of creativity in my choice of clothes today. But keeping the comfort, obviously (which I always do anyway). So I went for my oversized 'little house on the prairie' top over a green sweater and some jeans. A touch of spring in a winter day. Just to remember seasons change, I decided to include pictures from an outfit from last summer and another from last autumn (both post baby bump lol)



 Winter (today) with central heating:

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