Friday, January 06, 2012

Weekly themed posts

Lying in bed the other day, my baby already fast asleep, orange lamp light through the bedroom window (gotta love the windows in this house) I started to wonder what I have to say right now, which are the things that are important to me to talk about, and how to make a weekly habit out of it. This is still a 'test-drive', but this is what I came out with for now:

Poetic Mondays - Not that I write poetry, but I do like to write poetical short texts, which help me keep my eyes on the beauty of life. I also like to think I do the same through photography and photo editing. But in here fits anything that is poetic to me, may it be my texts, my pictures, situations, videos, a music, a quote.

Thrifty/vintage Wednesdays - The name says it all. Thrifty findings, old and new, and anything vintage comes in here. 

Thursday motherhood ramblings - So many discovers, so many questions, so many wonders, this will be my place to talk about my experiences, to share related articles or videos. I must warn you, this will be a sort of alternative motherhood, though ;)

Weekend travellings - all travels big and small. Maybe I just went around the corner and found something I would like to share. Maybe I went on hoiliday three years ago and found some pictures I would also like to share with you. Or maybe I found something very interesting about travelling. Who knows what will come out...

This it is for now folks! My style posts will come anywhere in between with no fixed day for them. I may double post some days. 

Bare in mind this will be my particular vision over things. Bare also in mind english is not my native language, so forgive me for any misspelling.

And as the week ends, and we haven't done anything outside the comfort of our house rather than walking the dog, Miss Lilliputian Empress (yeah, that's my baby) and I will get dress and go for a little charity shop browsing baring in mind our future internet shop.

Doing anything special this weekend?

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