Monday, January 09, 2012

Poetic Mondays - loving the seaside (Much love mondays)

The sea - huge, unmeasurable, vast -  there it was in all its greyness. The winds, being kind for once, allowed us to walk in bare hearts across the pebbles, and on we went, step by step, attracted by the liquid grey, the immense liquid grey whose end we could not see, whose raising tide we jonkingly feared. There we were, connecting the circles of time, parents, child, dog. I went back many years and visioned myself, grey trousers, long wavy hair, inocent expression in my 9 year old face, holding my puppy, sitting on the rocks, looking at the sea, laughing like we only laugh when the duende that lives in our hearts is still reacheable. Jumping back in time I held my present very dearly, taking it all in, my love, our love, the unexplainable feeling of holding a baby, the sea, the skies, the smells, the sounds. I held my present very dearly and touched eternity very lightly. 

.....loving to live by the seaside again.

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